What are the common classifications of cardboard?

What are the common classifications of cardboard?
1. Cardboard for industrial technology: such as asphalt waterproof cardboard, electrical insulation cardboard, etc.

Asphalt waterproof cardboard: It is a kind of construction cardboard used to replace slats and plaster when building houses.

Electrical insulation cardboard: it is an electrical cardboard for electrical appliances, motors, instruments, switching transformers, etc. and their components.

2. Packaging cardboard: such as yellow cardboard, box cardboard, white cardboard, kraft box cardboard, impregnated liner cardboard, etc.

Yellow cardboard: also known as straw cardboard, horse manure paper. A stool-yellow, versatile cardboard.

Carton board: also known as hemp cardboard, a relatively strong cardboard specially used for making outer packaging cartons.

White cardboard: It is a relatively advanced packaging cardboard, mainly used for sales packaging.

Kraft cardboard: also known as kraft cardboard or surface hanging cardboard. It is tougher and stronger than ordinary cardboard, and has extremely high compressive strength.

Impregnated liner cardboard: It is an industrial technical cardboard specially used as a mechanical liner in the machinery industry.
What are the common classifications of cardboard?
3. Cardboard for construction: such as soundproof cardboard, linoleum paper, gypsum cardboard, etc.

Sound-proof cardboard: It is mainly pasted on the walls or ceilings of houses to eliminate the echo sound in the house. And has thermal insulation performance.

Linoleum paper: commonly known as oil felt. A waterproof material used in the construction industry.

Gypsum cardboard: A layer of cardboard coated with wall powder is glued on both sides of the gypsum, which has the performance of gypsum fireproof and heat insulation.