Types and Applications of Specialty Paper

Types and Applications of Specialty Paper
Specialty paper refers to paper with special functions or uses, typically produced using unique raw materials, processes, equipment or additives. There are various kinds of specialty papers which can be divided according to their functions or purposes into the following categories:

Anti-counterfeiting paper: used for making banknotes, certificates and bills with anti-counterfeiting, waterproof, tear proofing and other features (watermark paper fluorescent magnetic paper etc) has various uses as banknote material.
Packaging paper: commonly used for food, medicine and cosmetic packaging with moistureproof, anti-oxidation, bacteria suppression and oil absorption properties such as wax paper, aluminum foil paper or Kraft paper among others.
Types and Applications of Specialty Paper
Decorative paper: Used to embellish walls, furniture and gifts alike with vibrant patterns or text, it provides beautiful decoration while remaining durable and easy to keep clean - including wallpaper, decal paper and gold foil paper.
Filter paper: used to filter impurities out of liquid and gas streams with high permeability, high absorption capacity and strength properties that include tea filter paper, coffee filter paper and air filter papers among many others.
Electronic paper: electronic paper displays images or texts using low power consumption while also being rewritable and bendable - such as used in books, electronic tags or ink pens.

Specialty papers have many uses; not only can they enhance product quality and safety, but they can also add beauty and creativity.