110g-450g leatherette paper

 110g-450g leatherette paper
    Leatherette paper--By using strong, soft dip dyeing paper for the base paper,gets emulating shiny, pearl and UV leatherette effect by special technology and embossing process. The paper is soft, strong strength, good tension, high anti-folding, anti-scratch, easy to glue and fit,to be given the royalty and real feeling of genuine leather. Matching classical texture, perfectly express the artistic inspiration of special leatherette paper.
 110g-450g leatherette paper

Product Specification:


787X1092mm, 889X1194mm,

787 width, 889 width, 635 width, 700 width etc.

GSM: 70g-500g

Wide Range of Usage:

   Our Leatherette paper are for Jewelry box,watch box,cosmetic box,wine box,phone box,handle bag,cigarette packet,book,Album,Calendar,Paper File,Paper Leaf,Catalogue,Envelop,Name Card,Invitation Card,Hangtag,Label,Brochure and more