Specialty Paper

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Fancy paper

Fine / Fancy /  Fantastic

Excellent fancy finish converts perfectly from your idea to your achievement 

This fancy paper is made of 100% superior wood pulp, going through dying, pearl coating and other processing, which endows the paper fancy and metallic surface along with good strength, tension and anti-folding ability.  Various shiny colors please customers a lot. 

Leatherette Paper

Glossy / Grace / Gorgeous

Leather makes paper leatherette

By using strong, soft dip dyeing paper for the base paper,gets emulating shiny, pearl and UV leatherette effect by special technology and embossing process. The paper is soft, strong strength, good tension, high anti-folding, anti-scratch, easy to glue and fit,to be given the royalty and real feeling of genuine leather. Matching classical texture, perfectly express the artistic inspiration of special leatherette paper.
Leatherette Paper

Soft Touch Paper

Soft / Suede / Sensible

Feeling touching baby soft skin

Soft touch paper makes you feeling touching baby’s soft skin, after multiple producing process, it makes great visual impact. With special effect coating, it touches as soft as wool, very smooth, colorful and stiff, it allows the designer’s infinite thinking and brings to the user an unparalleled luxury experience.

Soft Touch Paper
Product range:
Fancy paper, Touch paper, Leatherette paper, Embossing paper, Color paper, Binding paper&cloth, Metallic paper, Wood pulp paper, Customized paper etc.
Application: Packaging and Printing products: Brochure, Paper bag, Jewelry box, phone box, wine box, Book cover, Album, Name card, Invitation card, Calender, Folder, Red packet etc.
Production Processing: Most processing of Packaging and Printing: Offset Printing, UV Printing, Screen Printing, Hot Stamping, Laser Engraving, Book Binding, Cover making, Box making etc.