NCR paper

Hot sale China customized size carbonless copypaper in different gsm and colors


Product Type carbonless copy paper
Definition A type of hidden color carbon paper with a direct copy and direct color capability is
carbonlesscopypaper,also known as CCP, Non-carbon copy paper, or NCR paper. In order for the
microcapsule inthe pigment and oil solution to overflow and come into touch with the color
development agentfollowing the dyeing reaction, it must be subjected to an external force.
mostly used for bills.continuous receipts, multi-link forms, general business receipts, etc.
Both blue and black picturecarbonless copy paper is available.
Color White, Pink.Yellow. Blue, Green
Format CB.CFB.CF
MOQ 1*40 ft container

The characteristics are as below

1.Carbon pad free "carbon paner" direct wrfino is convenient and fime-savinc. carbon cooy number 2-6 pades. and electric orintino 2-10 paoes.aof which may significantly increase job efficiency and satisfy modernization needs

2: Clear, brilliant, non-fading, copywriting that can thwart change and copying

3: Keep your hands clean and avoid contaminating your clothes or other paper products

4: Colorful and simple to distinguish processing

5: Excellent paper with a smooth surface, superior strength to color paper weighing 28 grams, durability, and vivid printing colors

6:Safe and dependable, does not include any hazardous raw chemicals, and color graphics can be preserved for up to 15 years after production
The characteristics are as below