Black Board

We divide black paper board into four categories:  
Pure Pulp Black Paper (110-450GSM): 100% virgin wood pulp material, used for tags, shopping bags, labels, name cards, notebooks, luxury packaging boxes etc.,
Recycled Black Paper (105-600GSM): 70% recycled paper pulp material (C1S, C2S), used for tags, shopping bags, labels, name cards, notebooks etc.,
Black Board - Black/Grey & Black/Black (Thickness 0.55-4.55mm): Black paper Laminates grey board on one/two side(s).
Pure Black Board(Thickness 0.78-3.9mm): Laminates with multiple layers of black paper, to become the thick black board with black core.

Black Paper

It is laminated with 100% black paper and is suitable for V-grooving. Black paper board can be widely used in high-end jewelry boxes as well as high-end electronics packaging products.

Black Board - Black/Grey & Black/Black

We call the single-sided black paper and single-sided gray-black paper black the black paper with a grey back. We adopt the black paper to be pressed onto the gray board.
Black Board - Black/Grey & Black/Black