grey paper board

grey paper board

Our grey cardboard can be produced by different thickness, different sheet and reel size.

Product range for grey cardboard is from 300gsm to 2500gsm as your requirement. Different grade can be chose for our grey cardboard .

grey paper board

Type:In Sheet
Regular Sizes:

787x1092mm (31″x43″)

889x1194mm (35″x47″)

Grammage:300gsm~2400gsm,Over 2400gsm,hand lamination

Type: In Roll

Regular Sizes:

700mm /787mm/889mm/1092mm/1194mm


Roll core: 6 inches

Coil diameter: 1300mm




  • DIAMOND (Grade AAA) :the surface is very smooth and very stiff, the best quality in grey board field.

  • JADE (Grade AA) : It is made by made of imported paper and old news paper, the quality is very good, very strong stiffness, even better than JADE, can be used for luxary package and printing.

  • CRYSTAL (Grade A) : is made by our local paper and newspaper and recycled paper, very good quality, can be used for printing, package, stationery, etc.