Gift box black board | Common structure of high-grade gift box

Gift box black board | Common structure of high-grade gift box
There are various types of gift box packaging design. From the structure, there are top-down combination of heaven and earth cover, embedded combination of box type box, left-right opening and closing type, and package combination of book type. These types lay the basic structure of gift box. Under the basic structure framework, designers have developed ever-changing box types and put cool wedding clothes on the packaging of products. First, the common box types and names are described below:
Gift box black board | Common structure of high-grade gift box
1. Heaven and earth cover box
Heaven and earth cover refers to the style of a box. The cover of the carton is "heaven" and the bottom is "Earth", so it is called heaven and earth cover. Tiandi cover, also known as Tiandi box, is widely used in all kinds of hardcover gift boxes, shoe boxes, underwear boxes, shirt boxes, mobile phone boxes and other packaging boxes.
2. Book box
It is composed of an outer leather shell and an inner box. The leather shell rings around the inner box. The bottom of the inner box and the back wall are bonded with both sides of the leather shell. The upper cover that is not bonded can be opened and looks like a hardcover book.
3. Drawer box
If the heaven and earth cover box can give people a sense of intuition, then the drawer box can create a sense of mystery. It is said to be mysterious because people have an impulse to pull it out to explore the "treasures" as soon as they see its shape.
This drawer box is naturally a "treasure box". The drawer type box cover is tube shaped, while the box body is disc shaped, and the box cover and box body are two independent structures. The shape designed in this way makes opening a pleasure. Slowly pull that moment, and it becomes a kind of enjoyment. This type of packing box is very suitable for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging and electronic product packaging.
4. Pentagonal box
The box shape is a five sided shape, mostly a heaven and earth cover structure.
5. Window opening box
Open the required window on one or more sides of the box, and paste transparent PET and other materials on the inner side to fully display the information of the contents.
6. Folding box
The gray board is used as the skeleton and pasted with coated paper or other paper. A certain distance space is reserved for the gray board at the bend. When in use, it is supported as a whole and can be folded freely.
The above is the most common gift box structure in the market, and many more special-shaped boxes are not listed one by one.