Embossed paper

Embossed paper
Fine  Fancy  Fantastic ---Embossed paper

Excellent fancy finish converts perfectly from your idea to your achievement.

This fancy paper is made of 100% superior wood pulp, going through dying, pearl coating and other processing, which endows the paper fancy and metallic surface along with good strength, tension and anti-folding ability.  Various shiny colors please customers a lot
Embossed paper

Product Specification:

787X1092mm, 889X1194mm,

787 width, 889 width, 635 width, 700 width etc.

GSM: 70g-500g

Wide Range of Usage:
Our papers are for Jewelry box,watch box,cosmetic box,wine box,phone box,handle bag,cigarette packet,book,Album,Calendar,Paper File,Paper Leaf,Catalogue,Envelop,Name Card,Invitation Card,Hangtag,Label,Brochure and more.