Chipboard purchase skills

Chipboard purchase skills
2. Choose different types of products according to your needs

Don't think that chipboard is just a kind of board. It is divided into different types according to different uses. There are ordinary boards/furniture and interior decoration boards/structural boards used in dry state, and structural boards used in wet state. Boards/reinforced structural boards, etc., you should choose suitable chipboard products according to the requirements for the performance of the board in the location where you need to use it.

3. View the product test report

The formaldehyde content of chipboard is easy to exceed the standard, because some unscrupulous manufacturers will use the dust produced by bark and MDF as the raw material of chipboard. We cannot see it with the naked eye, so we need to see their test report. Generally speaking, products produced by regular manufacturers will produce a test report, which will include the test of the mandatory indicator free formaldehyde. The lower the value of this test, the better the quality of the chipboard and the more environmentally friendl
Chipboard purchase skills
4. Appearance quality

Many things can be roughly identified by their appearance, and the same is true for chipboard. You can first observe the grading of the surface and core shavings in the board. If the grading is not obvious, the surface of the shavings is rough, and the later decoration is more difficult. In addition, you can also observe the damage and breakage of the corners of the board. If it contains metal debris, it is definitely not acceptable.

5. Smell the smell of chipboard

Because formaldehyde emits a pungent odor, just smell the odor emitted by the chipboard to know whether the formaldehyde content is more or less.