Advantages and disadvantages of chipboard

Advantages and disadvantages of chipboard

A. It has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance; heat insulation and sound absorption;

B. The interior is granular, with a cross-staggered structure, the performance of each part is basically the same, and the lateral bearing capacity is good;

C. The surface of the chipboard is smooth, the texture is realistic, the bulk density is uniform, the thickness error is small, pollution resistance, aging resistance, beautiful, and can be veneered;

D. In the production process of chipboard, the amount of glue is small and the environmental protection coefficient is high.
Advantages and disadvantages of chipboard

A. The interior is granular structure, which is not easy to grind;

B. It is easy to cause tooth bursting phenomenon when cutting the board, so some processes have higher requirements on processing equipment; it is not suitable for on-site production;

C. The quality of chipboard on the market is uneven, and the inferior chipboard has poor environmental protection. Formaldehyde content exceeded the standard. However, with the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the environmental protection of chipboard has been guaranteed.