C1S Ivory Board FBB

C1S Ivory Board FBB

Specification of C1S Ivory Board FBB


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PRODUCT NAME FBB Board, C1S Ivory Board, GC1, C1S FBB, Folding Box Board
C1S Ivory board, FBB 170g 190g 210g 230g 250g 300g 350g 400g


Features of C1S Ivory Board FBB


100% bleached wood pulp is used as raw material, the surface layer and bottom layer are made of sulfate chemical softwood pulp, and the core layer is made of hardwood chemical mechanical pulp. Fillers such as calcium carbonate are added to the slurry after beating, and akd is used for neutral and heavy application. Glue is made on a stacked paper machine and is calendered and coated.


  • 100% virgin pulp, High printing gloss, Smooth printing surface

  • High gloss, Excellent brightness and smoothness, Good runnability

  • High stiffness and caliper, True color printing

  • ISO 9001: 2000, ISO14001: 2004, SGS, F SC ARE ALL AVAILABLE

  • To reach same caliper and stiffness, Golden Paper can help to lower the grams and cost for our esteemed customers

  • The product can be smoothly converted with various processes such as water & solvent based varnishing, calendaring, lamination and offset printing

C1S Ivory Board FBB

Application of C1S Ivory Board FBB

FBB-folding box board, a type of paper board for packaging, has a wide range of applications, including cosmetics, chocolate, medical and health care, greeting card, name card, books, magazine cover, good tag, medicine boxes, paper bags, toiletries, dry foods, frozen and chilled foods, tea and coffee, biscuits, baked goods, clothing, toys, games and photographic products. FBB can also be plastic extrusion coated, laminated with materials such as aluminum foil and greaseproof paper and be given grease resistance and other functional treatments.